WANIDES' Mission

To raise funds to help improve quality of life for Bolivian children, and to obtain the health care and services needed by those who face critical situations and are at risk due to neglect, poverty and illness.

WANIDES was incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization during 2006 and all donations are tax deductible.

WANIDES means Washingtonians pro Niño Desvalido or Washingtonians for Needy Children.

* Our goal in 2009-2010 is to acquire a respirator for the neo-natal premature baby unit of Dr. René Balderas Children’s Hospital in the small town of Montero, Bolivia. Currently this very poor hospital does not have a respirator and premature babies in need of a respirator are taken to the city of Santa Cruz which is about 40 minutes away by car. Sadly, too often, the babies die on the way. WANIDES has heard about this great need and we are committed to getting this respirator. Your contributions will be greatly appreciated toward this goal.

* In 2008, WANIDES donated money to the Hogar Maria Jacinta in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. This is a home for physically and sexually abused children, mostly girls. It is managed by a small group of Catholic nuns. It offers a permanent safe haven for these unfortunate children all of whom come from extreme poverty. The home has a school and a work shop where the girls can learn a trade and thus get jobs when they graduate. After graduating from high school some of the girls have gone on to the state university. The funds that WANIDES donated were earmarked for enhancing the work shop.

* In 2007, funds were donated to the Mario Ortiz children’s hospital, specifically for the children’s burn unit. Although this children’s hospital is a state hospital, it often fails to receive the government funds that should go to buy basic hospital equipment. The funds donated by WANIDES were used for this purpose.

* In 2006,  $10,000 was raised during a dinner event entirely donated by Horst and Miryam Klein, the owners of Design Cuisine Catering Company. 2006. This will again benefit the children with cancer at the Hospital Oncologico del Oriente in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

* Close to $1000 was collected from two rummage sales, one at a local school where one of the Wanides members is a teacher and another at a church rummage sale. This money was used by AFANIC, the NGO in Bolivia that oversees how non-government funds and donations are spent) to buy arts and crafts materials and to improve the one small recreation area for the children at the hospital.

Early in 2005 WANIDES gave $2,300 to the pediatric section of Instituto Oncologico del Oriente Boliviano to cover chemotherapy treatment for children such as Rosibel (see profile on the Stories page).  At the end of the year, WANIDES gave and additional $7000 for the same purpose.


* Starting in 2004, all funds raised by WANIDES have been directed to the Instituto Oncologico del Oriente Boliviano in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. This is the only public cancer hospital in the eastern region of Bolivia. Twenty percent of the patients at this hospital are children.

* In 2004 WANIDES gave $5,000 to the pediatric section of Instituto Oncologico del Oriente Boliviano. The funds enabled the hospital to acquire a greatly needed cardiac monitor, which has improved care to young cancer patients.

* In 2002 WANIDES gave $3,000 to El Hogar de la Esperanza (Home of Hope). The Hogar is an institution run by nuns for children aged 6 months to 15 years old, whose parents are in jail. This donation allowed the institution to remove 20 children from jail that year.

All fundraising expenses are covered by the Board. All contributions—from generous donors in America—go to the Bolivian children in need.